Hotel Gault


    Montreal, Quebec

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    Les Propriétés Terra Incognita Inc.



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From its construction in 1871 until 1914, the building housed Gault Brothers & Co. At the time of acquisition, it was being used solely as offices. The project was aimed at enhancing and restoring the splendor of the architectural components hidden under crumbling and unsuitable additions. Furthermore, the owner wished to incorporate advanced building automation, communication and control systems.

While respecting the architectural heritage of the building, the interventions restored and strengthened the stone facing, the framework, the attic tin-planed copper facing and the ornamental wrought and cast ironwork.

To ensure the commercial viability of the project, an extra storey was required. Slightly set back from the edge of the mansard so as to be invisible from the street, it is perfectly integrated in the original building. Constructed of copper, steel, concrete and wood, and characterized by its contemporary style and spare volumetry, the addition respectfully combines past and present. Natural light generously floods each floor thanks to vast windows. At the attic, which now houses suites, daylight penetrates thanks to the insertion of additional dormers between the original ones.

The Gault can now pride itself on preserving valuable architecture while offering its clients an environment where comfort, natural light and design naturally embrace each other.

Interior design and finishing : yh2 architects



Finalist, Architecture Excellence Award for interior design, presented by Quebec Order of Architects


The Commercial Building Heritage Award for the restoration, presented by Greater Montreal Real Estate Board rewarding a corporation for its contribution in preservation of heritage commercial building

Grand Prix du jury, Commerce Design Montreal Contest

First runner-up, Montreal Institute of Design’s Award for restoration


“Our challenge was to discover, identify and enhance the building’s vital forces”

Alain Fournier

Julia Gersovitz
Alain Fournier
Georges Drolet
Lynda Labrecque


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