Walgwan Centre Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Centre


    Gesgapegiag, Quebec

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    Quebec First Nations Youth Rehabilitation Centre



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This building is one of five centres built across Canada to help young Inuit and First nations youths suffering from solvent abuse problems. This treatment and rehabilitation centre services Eastern Canada (Nunavik Inuit, Quebec and Maritime First Nations).

The centre can welcome up to 12 youths in residence. It offers complete lodging, therapy, teaching, basic medical care, recreational services and administrative support.

The centre’s architecture is based on traditional Algonquian shelter architecture. The new approach to therapy, in indigenous communities, states clearly that the wellness process must call upon traditional aboriginal healing.

The architecture must actively participate in this process. By evoking aboriginal culture, the building creates the setting to reconnect with cultural identity, reconstruct self-esteem, develop pride and empowerment.


Alain Fournier

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