EVOQ designs buildings – on rural or urban sites, in dense or isolated areas. Our primary goal is to translate the expectations of our client into a built form that respects the context – of site, of history, of culture.




The architecture of EVOQ is characterized by ambiance and style, comfort and convenience. Integrated design, attention to detail, building to last.




EVOQ’s  interventions on existing buildings can take many forms: expand a building; rehabilitate it; change its vocation; upgrade to current standards of comfort, accessibility and life-safety, restore its heritage aspects. Each EVOQ renovation project starts from the same understanding; but it evolves in a unique way, responding to the individual nature of the  property.




In order to define a scope of work for a building project, EVOQ starts with a thorough understanding of the site conditions. The expertise of the team highlights concerns and provides targeted, cost-effective recommendations for remediation. This approach assures a sound footing for decision-making as the project moves forward.

  • For an entire a site, a building or one of its component parts
  • On recent or older structures
  • Generalized envelope expertise
  • Specialized expertise, including: all types of masonry; windows and doors; traditional or flat roofs;  prefabricated curtain-wall panels




The need to design and implement sustainable built environments is no longer a radical idea. EVOQ takes on the challenge in very particular contexts, among isolated communities in extreme climates, or with heritage buildings.

  • Design and redevelopment of buildings in accordance with the principles of sustainable development or through a process of “green” certification (LEED®, Green Globes, etc.).




For some projects, professional partnerships are desirable to provide clients with specialized expertise or to undertake complex challenges. EVOQ has collaborated with other professional offices, either in joint venture or as a specialist consultant. Each partnership is adjusted to respond to the specifics of the mandate.

  • Architects in joint venture
  • Prime consultant or supplemental consultancy for: architectural integration; management and conservation of heritage architecture;  traditional or Nordic building envelopes; project planning and management




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