EVOQ featured on Radio-Canada’s Espaces autochtones

April 5, 2019

Roxanne Gauthier

Maya Cousineau Mollen

Our EVOQ colleagues Maya Cousineau Mollen, Community Development Adviser for Inuit and First Nations, and Senior Architect Roxanne Gauthier were invited to speak aboutarchitecture for the benefit of Inuit and First Nations on Radio-Canada’s Espaces autochtones with Anne-Marie Yvon.

In a warm and cordial exchange, Maya and Roxanne talked about their respective roles as well as EVOQ’s philosophy and commitment to working with Canada’s Inuit and First Nations.

Several EVOQ projects were discussed, notably the air terminal projects in Nunavik, the CHARS in Ikaluktuktiak (Cambridge Bay), the Shaputuan in Oujé-Bougoumou (Eeyou Eenou Nation), the Walgwan (Gesgapegiag) Treatment Centre and the future Ekuanitshit Multifunctional Innu Centre.

The live broadcast on Facebook attracted 3,000 viewings in the first hour alone, and a total of over 5,650 views so far!

You can still view the episode on Espaces autochtones Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/espacesautochtones/videos/976011355921901/

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